Wigwe University launches in:

10:59:55 AM 14 November 2023 - Author : Tony Udoka

Wigwe Varsity Officially Kickoff Operations In 2024

Wigwe University on Tuesday says it will officially begin operations in September 2024, opening doors to students seeking world-class education.

The Founder, Dr Herbert Wigwe, confirmed this in a statement in Lagos.

Wigwe said the university would offer a diverse range of programmes across four major colleges.

He listed the colleges as: the College of Management and Social Sciences, the College of Art, the College of Science and Computing, the College of Engineering.

Wigwe said the university with a distinct curriculum ensuring would enable students to explore their passions and potential in an intellectually stimulating environment.

According to him, one of the key drivers of the creation of Wigwe University is moulding innovative leaders that will effect positive change in our society.

He added that the goal was to create an efficient ecosystem that produces fearless leaders who were passionate about preserving our cultural values.

“My mission through the university is to change the course of Africa’s future through a globally relevant and locally impactful curriculum taught through novel methods by an expert faculty to rival the world’s most prestigious universities.

“The Wigwe University project is special because it is an opportunity for me to give back to society by providing world-class quality education that will foster the development of Nigeria and Africa.

“The project’s major focus is nurturing and building responsible and thoughtful leaders who have the capacity to ignite the potential of the continent and take its rightful place as far as the global stage is concerned, “Wigwe said.

According to him, Wigwe University is funded by the Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe (HOW) Foundation, a non-governmental organisation focused on three areas with the potential for exponential impact – Education, Youth Empowerment, and Healthcare.

Wigwe explained that the university was built as part of the foundation’s five-year strategic plans and goals in providing quality education and reshaping the educational landscape on the African continent.

He said the university was poised to become a top contender in delivering world-class education within and beyond the continent, marking a monumental milestone in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Wigwe said the university located in Isiokpo, Rivers State Nigeria, promises to be a school of distinction, committed to challenging the status quo in business, politics, technology, science and art among others.

“The university which is set to be a Pan-African institution, has a vision to ignite Africa’s potential for prosperity, nurture thoughtful, fearless leaders and become the leading university in Africa,” Wigwe said.