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07:54:35 AM 09 January 2024

Wigwe Varsity Appoints Pioneer VC, Pledges Bold Leadership, Boundless Innovation

Wigwe University yesterday announced the appointment of its pioneer Vice Chancellor, Prof. Miles Davis, marking what it termed a thrilling beginning with fearless leadership and ground-breaking innovation.

According to a statement from the institution, Davis who is coming from Philadelphia, PA, USA brings a stellar record of elevating academic excellence and fostering entrepreneurship.

In addition, Wigwe University stated that Davis has a history of nurturing influential leaders and is therefore set to propel the institution to unprecedented heights.

“Wigwe University proudly welcomes Prof. Miles Davis as its pioneer Vice Chancellor, signalling a thrilling beginning with fearless leadership and groundbreaking innovation.

“Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, USA, Prof. Davis brings a stellar record of elevating academic excellence and fostering entrepreneurship.

“His remarkable achievements include spearheading AACSB accreditation for the School of Business and launching a game-changing centre for entrepreneurship.

“With a history of nurturing influential leaders, Prof. Davis is set to propel Wigwe University to unprecedented heights, aligning perfectly with the institution’s vision of fearless leadership and relentless innovation,” the statement added.

It said that Davis is the immediate past President of Linfield University, Oregon, USA, where he inspired and oversaw historic growth, including the completion of the W. M. Keck Science Centre, marking a legacy of transformative success.

Prior to his stewardship at Linfield, Davis, the statement said, distinguished himself as a professor of management at Shenandoah University and was renowned for his transformative leadership that expanded academic programmes, pioneered cutting-edge research initiatives, and elevated campus life.

“His strategic vision has consistently turned institutions into hotbeds of innovation, producing graduates who are not just academically accomplished, but fearless innovators ready to make a positive impact on the world,” it noted.

Reflecting on his journey, Davis said: “As a first-generation college student who grew up poor and black, I understand the importance of meeting students where they are and guiding them to realise their full potential.

“It’s about recognising their unique challenges and providing the support they need to succeed.”

Now, as the vice chancellor of Wigwe university, Davis said he was thrilled about the institution’s visionary commitment to shaping not only the future of Nigeria but also the future of Africa and the global diaspora.

“Integrating leadership and innovation into teaching methods is a cornerstone of any successful educational philosophy,” he emphasised, highlighting his enthusiasm about Wigwe university’s aspiration to impact the future of Nigeria, Africa, and the diaspora.

“This vision excites and motivates me to do everything in my power to help turn it into reality,” he declared.

Davis’s approach to mentorship and student success, the statement said, centres on creating a supportive environment that empowers students to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

His philosophy, Wigwe university noted, hinges on the belief that nurturing such an environment was key to guiding students toward success.

“At Wigwe university, the vision transcends providing a top-tier education; it aims to ignite greatness in students, fostering a fearless spirit that will drive positive change in the world.

“The university’s core principle is to cultivate thoughtful, responsible, fearless leaders who will spearhead transformative change in Nigeria and Africa. With Prof. Miles Davis at the helm, Wigwe university is poised to realise this vision.

“ His expertise in building and developing universities perfectly aligns with the institution’s mission to inspire and cultivate the next generation of leaders and innovators.

“As vice chancellor, Prof. Davis will lead Wigwe University toward a future marked by ground-breaking advancements in education, research, and community engagement. His unwavering commitment to academic excellence and talent development makes him the ideal leader to propel the university to greater heights,” the statement stated.

Under Davis’s leadership, Wigwe university said it eagerly anticipates a journey marked by a culture of fearlessness, innovation, and entrepreneurship, preparing students to become trailblazers in their fields