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09:05:29 AM 30 May 2024

REVERSE JAPA: Wigwe University’s Commitment to Quality Standards

There are numerous obstacles that parents face when sending their children abroad for higher education, from fluctuations in exchange rates to unfavourable immigration laws. It has become a daunting task for families who want the best for their children.

According to a report by CBN, Nigerians spent over $28 billion on foreign education in the past 10 years, $ 221 million between Dec. 2021 and Feb. 2022. This data shows the great lengths that Nigerian parents go to provide world-class education for their children and unfortunately, this brain drain and financial export has affected our economy.

Wigwe University was established to revolutionise the higher education system in Nigeria and Africa at large, to ensure that parents could provide world-class education without the hassle of forex, high tuition costs, or complex visa applications.

Currently, many international institutions have seen a drop in enrolment of international students, and this has led to the layoff of staff members and the termination of some courses at fifteen UK universities, according to University World news.

The quality of education is a critical issue that must be addressed right now as Nigeria moves on to a new phase of prosperity and development. The negative consequences of inadequate educational standards are extensive, affecting not only the progress and prosperity of the country but also its citizens. This is why we are currently experiencing the “Japa Syndrome.”

Wigwe University acknowledges the difficulties faced by parents in providing their children with high-quality education; we are making a deliberate effort to close the gap, by ensuring that our students receive a world-class education right here in Nigeria.

Join us on this FEARLESS journey.

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