Wigwe University launches in:

College of Engineering

Job summary:

The Dean is the academic leader of the College and is responsible for its e ective leadership, management and development. Accountable for the strategic direction and overall pe ormance of research, the student education experience and community engagement in the College of Engineering. Articulates and implements a vision/plan for strategic college and programmatic development/expansion in support of Wigwe University’s growth and competitive position. Assure that faculty possess appropriate credentials, develop professionally, contribute to campus and college academic operations, and share and use best practices.


In partnership with campus academic leaders, develop robust conceptual frameworks, student learning outcomes, and direct and indirect measures to assess and improve the quality of all programs. Coordinate the planning and implementation of innovative system-wide program initiatives. Leads annual reviews of curriculum and program e ectiveness and provides highly e ective management of the College strategy, planning, human resources, financial, physical resources and administrative activities within the framework of the Wigwe University’s mission and strategic direction. S/he will be the College’s leading representative in internal University councils and external businesses and hold responsibility for developing the College’s stakeholder relationships.


Key accountabilities:

Strategic Planning & University Management:

To take responsibility for the development and promotion of a clear sustainable strategic vision for the College’s future development.
• To prepare a College Plan which is consistent with the University’s Strategy and, following approval, implement, monitor and review it; Annual Operating Statement; and Policy Statements, which are based upon sound market research and planning.
• To identify priorities for strategic investment and meet the educational and research needs of business, charities, industry and public services so as to develop additional income streams for the College and the University.
• To ensure that the activities of the College are undertaken in accordance with the governance, policy and regulatory frameworks of the University.

• To represent the College as a member of the Senate, Court and Convocation and to attend meetings of the Council of the University.
• To represent the College as a member of the University Executive Committee and other Committees, Working Parties and Groups of the University as required.

Academic Leadership:

To lead, manage and develop the College’s focus on the achievement of excellence in teaching and research nationally and internationally.
• To support activities to maximise the economic, social and cultural impact of research, as appropriate.
• To strengthen the College’s interdisciplinary links across the University by liaising, on behalf of the College, with other Deans, where appropriate, and Professional Service Heads to initiate and develop taught programmes, research programmes and develop international, national and regional links which span other Institutions and/or Services.
• To encourage the exploitation of Intellectual Property arising from the work of the College.
• To ensure the development and implementation of appropriate College policies in alignment with the University’s policies.
• To ensure the delivery and ongoing development of the curriculum including cross College initiatives with responsibility for the development and delivery of appropriate strategies for teaching, learning and assessment.
•Report as required on the status of program quality and the e ectiveness of the College, including the achievement of outcomes, student retention, curriculum currency and rigour, faculty pe ormance and credentials, and adequacy of academic support services.

Financial Management:

To be responsible for the e ective financial management of the College and the e ective deployment of resources.
• To promote and ensure e ective coordination of College bids for external funding and encourage revenue enhancement through income generation and endowments/gi s.
• Prepare the annual budget for the department and monitor monthly expenditures.
• To ensure that the College operates within its delegated budgets and that financial and other targets are met.

People Management:

To lead, manage and ensure the development of all sta of the College, including the determination of arrangements for, and monitoring of sta development and pe ormance review.
• To advise the Vice-Chancellor on the appointment of Heads of Department and Associate Deans and ensure the e ective induction of Heads of Department and Associate Deans.
• Approve and endorse Program Director/Chair appointments and set credentialing standards for faculty. Actively participate in pe ormance review of Program Directors/Chairs with Campus Dean(s) – Academic A airs and Operations.
• To oversee the development of e ective mechanisms for the assignment of equitable sta workloads.
• To be responsible for the e ective coordination and management of the College’s support infrastructure, including administrative and technical sta , ensuring that it works in an e icient and e ective way in partnership with central professional services.
• To identify sta ing needs in the College and ensure that resources are realigned to meet the needs of College Plans prior to seeking approval to fill posts, amongst other functions.
• Work productively with, and serve as an advisor, mentor and coach, to department chairs/program directors, subject matter experts, and curriculum developers.

Key requirements:

Degree PhD/Academic Doctorate Degree in Engineering at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor
• Evidence of the following:
– Teaching in a reputable university
– A stellar teaching and research record, as evidenced by indexed peer-reviewed publications, commensurate with appointment as a full professor in a prominent research university.
– International relations/leading presentations of academic papers at international fora.


• Must have a minimum of five (5) years experience in a senior administrative leadership role.
• Plus a minimum of ten (10) years as a professional in teaching and research with significant experience in research administration.
• Member of reputable and career professional bodies.
• Ability to formulate and communicate a clear academic vision within a teaching and research setting.
• Willingness to take on the challenge of laying the academic and research foundations of a new University.
• Have a strong commitment to higher education and the ability to lead and inspire the Academic a airs team.
• Possesses relevant accreditation experience.