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02:09:32 PM 08 May 2024

Creating the Next Generation of Theatre Arts Performers

Theatre Art is about collaboration, communication, and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. These artists are captivated by the magic of the stage and are skilled in bringing characters to life. Theatre performance in Nigeria emerged as a career in the early 1940s and has produced successful artists and entrepreneurs, locally and globally.

Our Theatre Art courses will ignite your passion, refine your skills, and unleash your creative potential on and off the stage. Our experienced faculty members are seasoned professionals in the industry with many years as performers and teachers.

These courses offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from acting techniques to stagecraft, directing, playwriting, design, production, script analysis, character development and more.

One of the unique aspects of studying this course at Wigwe University is our emphasis on practical experience. Students will immerse themselves in hands-on learning through workshops, rehearsals, and performances from the very beginning at Wigwe University. Our state-of-the-art facilities including our Amphi-theatre provide a supportive environment where creativity and talent develop.

Don’t just dream it—live it. Enrol now to study Theatre Art at Wigwe University. Your stage awaits.

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