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Robotics Engineering

BSc Robotics Engineering (Interdisciplinary with Engineering)

Step into the future with the Robotics Engineering program at Wigwe University – a place where science fiction evolves into scientific fact. Robotics isn’t just about machines; it’s about shaping a world where technology and humanity merge seamlessly. As a robotics engineer here, you’ll breathe life into inanimate mechanisms, creating machines that navigate, learn, and interact like never before. Dive into the interdisciplinary waters of A1, mechanics. and computer science to sculpt the future Of automation and intelligence. Unleash your creativity to build robots that revolutionise industries, from healthcare to manufacturing. and explore the uncharted domains of swarm robotics. where machines collaborate like a symphony of precision. With cutting-edge labs and renowned faculty, you’ll be empowered to innovate. to push and to sculpt a future where robots aren’t just tools, but our trusted companions in progress.