Wigwe University launches in:
College of Engineering
College of Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • BEng Electrical Engineering
  • BEng Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics)
  • BEng Electrical Engineering (Energy and the Environment)

The Electrical Engineering program propels students into the dynamic world of tomorrow’s technology, where electrons dance and algorithms think. This program isn’t just about circuits and code – it’S a journey into the heart of innovation. Immerse yourself in a fusion of electrical ingenuity and computational prowess, mastering the art of designing systems that power our interconnected world. From crafting cutting-edge communication networks that shrink the globe. to fashioning intelligent sensors that perceive and react to the environment. to implementing generation and distribution systems that drive our country and continent, you’ll forge the future and drive future infrastructure. Join us in unravelling the mysteries of quantum computing, enhancing cyber-physical systems. and pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. AS on Electrical Engineering student here, you’ll wield the sparks of imagination and the logic of algorithms to shape a future where the tangible and the •virtual unite in extraordinary ways.

College of Engineering
College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering (Energy and the Environment)

Welcome to the realm Of Mechanical Engineering at Wigwe University – a domain where imagination is engineered into reality In this program. we don’t just teach how things work; we uncover how to make them work better through work in energy conversion, mechanics of machines and systems. cutting-edge materials development. and so much more. Harness your creativity to design sustainable energy solutions that reduce our carbon footprint. and dive into the frontiers of bio-inspired mechanics and material research to unravel the secrets Of nature’s engineering marvels. Whether you’re crafting innovations that amplify human capabilities or pioneering the next generation of autonomous vehicles, you’ll be at the forefront of engineering ingenuity. Join us to forge o path where mechanical devices, energy generation and conversion. and novel materials give rise to innovations that shape societies and redefine what’S possible.

College of Engineering
College of Engineering

Robotics Engineering

  • BSc Robotics Engineering (Interdisciplinary with Engineering)

Step into the future with the Robotics Engineering program at Wigwe University – a place where science fiction evolves into scientific fact_ Robotics isn’t just about machines; it’s a bout shaping a world where technology and humanity merge seamlessly. As a robotics engineer here, you’ll breathe life into inanimate mechanisms, creating machines that navigate, learn, and interact like never before. Dive into the interdisciplinary waters of A1. mechanics. and computer science to sculpt the future Of automation and intelligence. Unleash your creativity to build robots that revolutionise industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, and explore the uncharted domains of swarm robotics, where machines collaborate like a symphony of precision, With cutting-edge labs and renowned faculty. you’ll be empowered to innovate, to push and to sculpt a future where robots aren’t just tools, but our trusted companions in progress.