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College of Arts

Theatre Arts

  • BA Theatre Arts

This department focuses on honing the skills of aspiring actors, directors, performers, and playwrights. Students will explore various genres of theatre and performing arts, learn the intricacies of dramatic storytelling and develop their talents through practical performances.

Fine Arts

  • BA. Fine Arts and Design

In this department, students will immerse themselves in a world of creativity and express their artistic vision through various mediums. They will receive comprehensive training in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, and digital art, enabling them to become well-rounded artists in today’s rapidly evolving creative industries.

Film and Screen Studies

  • B.Sc. Film and Media Studies

Through this department, students will immerse themselves in the world of cinema and screen studies. They will develop critical thinking skills, explore film history, analyse storytelling techniques, and master the art of filmmaking. Graduates will be equipped to produce compelling cinematic narratives and excel in the film and entertainment industries.

Media and Communications

  • BA. Animation and Visual Arts
  • B.Sc. Communication and Digital Media Studies

This department focuses on preparing students for careers in the ever-expanding realm of communications and digital media. Students will delve into subjects such as journalism, public relations, social media, advertising, and multimedia storytelling. They will learn to navigate the digital landscape and develop strategies to effectively communicate messages across various platforms.

Admission requirements
Admission requirements

At Wigwe University, candidates have two distinct pathways for admission into our degree programs.

  1. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  2. Direct Entry

The admission options are consistent with the Core Curriculum and Minimum Academic Standards (CCMAS).

UTME Entry

Prospective students can enter the programs through the UTME pathway, fulfilling the following criteria:

  1. Attain an appropriate UTME score.
  2. Possess five Senior School Certificate (SSC) credit passes, including English Language, Mathematics and other relevant Science subjects, achieved in not more than two sittings.


Direct Entry (3-Year Degree Programme):.

Direct Entry candidates must possess credit level passes in five relevant subjects at the Senior

School Certificate (SSC), including English Language, two of which must be at the advanced

level. Holders of NCE, University/National Diploma (ND) at minimum of credit level are eligible

for consideration for Direct Entry admission into 200 Level. In addition, candidates must meet

the required qualifications at Ordinary Level.

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