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Beyond Education, Nurturing Fearless, Visionary Leaders

Wigwe University is unwavering in its commitment to excellence in education and the shaping of future African leaders. Our purpose is to build and nurture truly responsible, fearless leaders that will drive transformative change in Nigeria and Africa.

We recognize that the realisation of sustainable progress in Africa hinges on the cultivation of leaders who are not only academically proficient, but they also possess a relentless obligation to changing the current narrative of Africa and its people.

Wigwe University stands apart as an educational institution with its unique mission to go beyond providing a world class education. We believe it is just as important to inspire greatness and develop a fearless spirit in our students that will lead to positive change in the world. We create leaders who will lead with conviction, challenge the status quo, confront societal issues, and contribute meaningful, positive change to the development of Africa.

Our institution is a seat of learning, where knowledge, resilience, innovation, ethical leadership, social responsibility, and national progress are intertwined. Our advanced curriculum, distinguished faculty, mentorship programs and extracurricular activities are all designed to provide an exceptional, thought-provoking environment that produces great leaders.

From the moment our students pass through our doors, they begin a substantive program where they will be developed into fearless leaders ready to take on the many important challenges of the world. We view each student as a beacon of hope and a baton of positive change for a better Africa.

We do more than award degrees; we are here to make history.

This is what it means to be fearless.

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We are the Fearless.
The ones who make History.

Port Harcourt Fair

Wigwe University Presents its First Student Fair, get to meet the deans and VC. This fair aims to rewrite the narrative of African education and to challenge the myth that studying abroad is the only path to success

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Rewire: Rooted in Africa, Impacting the World

who make History

Our Story

A World Class University built
on the vision of a shared future

The world needs the problem solvers, torch bearers and game changers that will form part of our community of learning. They will create sustainable solutions for our planet and people. They will have the most conducive environment to do this and attain their highest potentials.